Cast Lists

 Why the Rock Falls:

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 Ex-Mountie Lacey McCrae (series lead): Still working security for Wayne, she’s learned new coping techniques for her PTSD but still avoids men who want to date her.

 Jan Brenner (series lead) : Lacey’s neighbour & a trained art historian. She’s managing her ME/CFS better, yearning to return to work but afraid to push herself into a relapse.

 Rob (recurring): Jan’s best friend, curator of the Bragg Creek Arts Centre.

 Terry (recurring): Jan’s husband, an oil & gas geologist active with Search and Rescue

 Susan Norris: an eccentric old rancher who hates everybody & especially Orrin Caine.

 The Caine Dynasty:

  • Orrin: foul-mouthed patriarch of an international oil conglomerate
  • Sloane: his current wife
  • Cassandra: his ex-wife
  • Giselle: his other ex
  • Earl: Orrin’s oldest son, groomed since birth to run Orrin’s empire
  • Ben: second son, an environmentalist, at war with his father since he could walk,
  • Bart: Ben’s twin, an expert at conflict avoidance
  • Andrea: Bart’s wife, who earned her million as an early lifestyle vlogger
  • Tyrone: Orrin’s youngest son and current favourite in the inheritance stakes
  • Cheryl: Sloane’s old roommate, managing all the Caine mansions for her.
  • Assorted ranch hands, mechanics, house staff.

 The Hollywood Connection:

  • Mylo Matheson: philandering movie director visiting Jake while he hunts for foothills filming locations & his 4th Oscar.
  • Kitrin Devine (born Davenport): his wife, who traded her first movie-extra role for one as Mylo’s mistress; later his neglected, anorexic wife
  • Michael: their son, a lonely 12-year old with a penchant for art
  • Georgie: Michael’s phone-addicted nanny
  • Barbara Davenport, his granny


  • Jake (recurring): Terry’s boss & their neighbour, the oil baron with the hilltop estate.
  • Wayne: Lacey’s boss, Jake’s security contractor, a cynical ex-Mountie
  • Trav: Wayne’s first-choice security guard who wants to date Lacey
  • Chad: Trav’s younger brother, former movie security guard who’s recovering from a bad beat-down.
  • Markov: a constable Lacey’s met on other investigations
  • Assorted grooms, pilots, groundskeepers, house staff


Where the IceFalls

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Lacey (series lead): The burnt-out ex-Mountie is settling in as caregiver to her injured roommate, Dee, and gradually getting used to facing the judgment in the eyes of still-serving RCMP officers.

Zoe: This oil company administrator finds a dead IT intern at her boss’s ski chalet and is forced to confront a long-buried family history of communicating with the dead.

Eric: The dead intern, wondering how he ended up locked in his boss’s woodshed.

Dee (series character): While rebuilding both her shattered body and her real estate career, she yearns to give her terminally-ill mother one last good Christmas.

Loreena: Dee’s mother. She wants a happy last holiday with Dee, but her plan to request medically assisted dying kills the joy.

Sandy:  Loreena’s travelling nurse-companion. She came along to see her grandkids but hid a desperate plan to help her laid-off son pay his past-due mortgage.

JP Thompson: Zoe and Eric’s boss. He dashed off to England as soon as Eric went missing.

Phyllida: Current wife & ex-secretary of JP Thompson, yearning to return to England & play lady of the manor

Arliss: Ex-wife of JP Thompson, hard-working cross-country skier. Now she’s struggling with a shrinking divorce settlement and an ageing house while her ex-husband and his new wife plan to sell off the company she helped build.

Marcia: Acting head of Accounting for JP’s oil company. She’s struggling to keep up her two homes on one executive salary, and supplements it by teaching cross country skiing to tourists.

Eric‘s clan: best friend Calvin, brother Aidan, and sister Clemmie.

Zoe‘s family: daughter Lizi, stepsons Kai and Ari, and husband Nik.

Arliss’s oldest son TJ, back from private school & spending lavishly.

Jan Brenner (series): in the Caribbean avoiding winter for her health’s sake; she helps with research into JP’s oil company. 


When the Flood Falls

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Lacey (series lead)– burnt-out ex-Mountie looking for a new start; she’s couch-surfing until her ex sells their home in the Lower Mainland and pays her out.

Jan (series lead) – the chronically-ill neighbour who spends all day spying on the locals and wishing she could stand up to a job at the new Art Museum.

Dee (recurring)– Lacey’s old friend & the museum board’s chairperson, she’s taking heat from all sides and prepping to testify against a reckless-driving hockey player.

Jake (recurring)– the oil baron with the hilltop estate; he put up the seed money for the Art Museum and owns a piece of an NHL team.

Mick – Jake’s longtime friend; he’s a former hockey star, later a coach and agent, suffering from heart trouble.

Camille – Mick’s wife; she’s a spoiled trophy wife who lost the Arts Board position to Dee and is rumoured to be cheating on Mick.

Jarrad – Mick’s barely-legal protégé; a rising NHL star, he’s facing reckless driving charges.

Rob (recurring) – temporary curator of the new Art Museum; an old friend of Jan’s, he officially reports to Dee while trying not to offend Camille.

Eddy – a local chicken farmer; he protests outside the Art Museum several times a week and obstructs Dee whenever possible.

Tom (recurring) - Lacey's ex-patrol buddy, now with RCMP Commercial Crimes in Calgary

Marie (recurring) - Tom's wife, an Emergency Department nurse taking time away for kids

Sergeant 'Bull' Drummond - ex-training pal of Lacey, now at Cochrane detachment

Dee’s two Irish setters, Bony and Beau, who don’t bark at her midnight prowler.

Assorted locals, love-interests, off-season hockey players and old RCMP contacts.

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