Friday, March 19, 2021

Why the Rock Falls - Available now

When entrenched oil interests confront liberal Hollywood elites, Lacey & Jan must rescue two innocents from unseen enemies.

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A clash between entrenched oil interests and liberal Hollywood insiders threatens the new friendship between two boys, Michael Matheson and Tyrone Caine. Soon one of their feuding parents is dead and another's missing in the wild Alberta foothills. 

With her ME/CFS at last becoming more manageable, art historian Jan has just taken on her first (temporary, part time) contract in 5 years when grieving Michael lands on her doorstep. At first the extra responsibility is manageable. Young Michael, a budding artist, comes along on her hunt for historic mountain art for a movie set, helping hold her equipment and even pushing her wheelchair.

Then his new best friend goes missing, and soon it's clear someone is after Michael too.

While Search and Rescue teams fan out across the rocky wilderness, Lacey infiltrates the Caine oil dynasty to learn which of Tyrone’s older half-brothers and their scheming mothers most want him gone. Squabbles over the possible inheritance intensify, and so does her flirtation with the environmentalist brother who seems not to care about the money at all. 

When she uncovers a massive hole in the Caine ranch's security network and evidence of previous attacks on Tyrone, even the sexy environmentalist becomes a suspect.

Juggling her illness needs between Michael and her job, Jan uncovers a surprising link between the arrogant Alberta oilman and the equally arrogant California movie director.  But who among all the suspects is so threatened by this secret that they'd try to eliminate two young boys? 

As the stress rises Jan's ME/CFS flares. Can she hold on long enough to keep Michael safe, or will her health crash, leaving him defenseless against a ruthless enemy?

While thunder rolls over the Ghost Wilderness, Lacey undertakes a risky climb up an unstable mountainside, chasing the only person who can answer that most pressing question.



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