Sunday, September 6, 2020

Why the Rock Falls - Available for Pre-Order now

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After a clash between entrenched oil interests and liberal Hollywood insiders, only two boys, Michael Matheson and Tyrone Caine, remain friends. But soon one member of the rival groups is dead and two more are missing in the Alberta wilds.

As Jan comforts newly-bereaved Michael, Lacey infiltrates the Caine oil dynasty to learn which of Tyrone’s older half-brothers and their scheming mothers most want him gone. With the search for the missing heading into its third night, Lacey uncovers a massive hole in the Caine ranch's security network and evidence of previous attacks on Tyrone. While the squabbles over the possible inheritance intensify, Jan finds a surprising link between the missing oilman and the big-shot director. 

As thunder rolls over the Ghost Wilderness, a new development sends Lacey on a risky trek up an unstable mountainside, hunting a murderer who is bent on killing again.

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